Support Information for Siblings of DIPG/DMG

The battle with DIPG/DMG is one that affects everyone around the child that is battling, and especially the family that is in the fight. Therefore, it is necessary to provide families with the resources to help battle DIPG/DMG and the emotions surrounding it in the most effective way possible. Unfortunately a lot of siblings of the child battling are too young to understand the science behind DIPG/DMG and treatments so it is necessary to use different language to try to make it understandable. These pages can either be used as a tool for parents to read to help them figure out what to say to their child and how to help them understand, or it can be read by the child with the guidance of a parent. This writing is written to the sibling to help get a better sense of how to talk directly to a child about these complicated topics.

Best Sibling Ever Award

Sibling Support Topics: