A Cure for DIPG

There is currently no cure for DIPG; however, The Cure Starts Now and the DIPG Collaborative are the biggest funders of DIPG research and are vested in finding the cure to DIPG. With over $18 million of DIPG specific research collectively funded, these organizations are laser focused and fueled by their own children's battles with DIPG and brain cancer.

The Homerun Strategy

The Cure Starts Now and the DIPG Collaborative both believe that in order to find a cure for all cancer you need to focus on DIPG – one of the rarest and most aggressive cancers. To combat DIPG they have identified four main concentrations at the core of their research funding:

  1. Informational/Basic: The collection of data to understand how DIPG develops
  2. Translational: Early stage research (mouse modeling, test tube experiments, etc.)
  3. Clinical: The research that treats patients currently diagnosed with DIPG
  4. Delivery: The development of strategies to get treatment to the tumor cells

Learn more about DIPG research strategies.

Get Involved

If you have a non-profit and want to join the DIPG Collaborative contact us.
If you would like to create a fundraiser or an event, contact us.
If you would like to make a donation, 100% (after credit card processing fee) will go direct to DIPG research.

Recently diagnosed with DIPG?

Learn more about what to do when you or a family member is diagnosed.